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Quantum Agency on how white label content creation benefits marketing agencies
Monday, February 28th 2022, 2:25 PM

Quantum Agency: Several benefits of content creation from a white label marketing partner

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White label content creation 

To make its presence felt online, every brand needs to publish well-researched, well-written content. From a blog post or website page to a script for a video, content continues to be king despite the digitization of communication. Quantum Agency explains how white label content helps marketing agencies in achieving their business objectives.

Content creation is critical for maintaining a social media presence and cultivating a blog that helps clients rank in the SERPs. Blogs and articles help businesses significantly but only 33.9% of companies publish them. The reasons are usually a lack of resources and time to curate well-researched content to keep up with the fast-paced social media feeds. 

Content as a marketing category and medium may include the following:

  • Social posting

Social media is an ideal space to create awareness about a client’s brand and engage existing and potential customers. A white-label company can craft engaging and informative social media posts that span across a variety of subjects. This helps maintain a brand’s online presence with the relevant and latest content. 

  • Blog posts

A regular blogging calendar can help clients establish an expert voice and communicate their value with their customers. A white-label blogging solution can take care of this aspect for clients and enable them to focus their valuable time on building their business.

  • Website copy

A website is the main interface that narrates the story of a brand and its products concisely and swiftly. A white-label website content creation team can build clients’ websites filling them with relevant, engaging, and informative content.

  • Videos and Images

Videos and images are another form or medium of content that serve to be extremely valuable for both the customer or user experience and for search engine optimization purposes. Google’s algorithm loves image and video content so the more of this type you can produce on a monthly basis, the better. 

  • Audio Content

Audio is another superb form or medium of content that users love and so again, it’s a great form of content for SEO as well. Think of audio content as coming in the form of podcasts, interviews, and book recordings like audible. Google loves audio content so use it whenever possible. 

The benefits of white label content 

  1. Focus on core skill

With the content creation taken care of by the experts, agencies can focus on optimizing their core skills and their client experience. Since well-researched content with the right SEO keywords is curated by a white label content creation team, agencies can work on growing their business. 

  1. High quality control

A dedicated white label content team will exert high quality control over every piece of the written content that an agency sells to clients. Every blog post, social media post, press release article, and piece of website copy will be reviewed and edited by a team of experienced writers. Multiple levels of review ensure the creation of high-quality written content as compared to one content writer with a complete load of content tasks. 

The more irrelevant or empty content a client pushes, the less Google promotes it. This drives up the importance of well-researched, reliable, and authoritative content. 

  1. Customer satisfaction 

When clients’ written content is edited and optimized to meet their needs, there will be a massive difference in both the quality and efficiency of the content output. With white label content agencies, there is flexibility to edit content, incorporate certain keywords, highlight and expand particular concepts, and work with the content until the desired balance is achieved. This to and fro is a tedious and time-consuming process that the marketing agency can avoid by delegating this task to a white label content team that has experienced content writers who understand the value of precise editing.

  1. SEO

The right white label content agency offers the advantages of following the rules of search engines such as Google. Search engine optimization plays a key role in the growth of clients’ brands. A well-established white label SEO company will create every piece of content by incorporating the best SEO and SERP practices.

  1. Frequent posting

A recent study by HubSpot found that a client needs to post four to five times a week to maximize organic traffic. Moreover, it was discovered that companies are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment when prioritizing written content. Google notices frequent and reliable publishing and increases the visibility of a website or blog. 

However, agencies that are expanding and building their business and working to optimize their client experience do not have either the resources or the bandwidth to post quality content frequently. Considering that a client’s online presence is dependent on its ability to post relevant and frequent content, a white-label content team comes in handy. 

Working with a white label content provider means a client can post unique blog content daily. These agencies usually have an account manager that focuses on quality control and the writing needs of the client. 

Additionally, the white label companies have access to a large team of writers which allows them to curate well-researched content regularly, without fail.

Marketing agencies that are seeking to scale their business can outsource their content curation to white label agencies such as Quantum Agency which offers a multitude of white label services besides content creation.

Why Quantum Agency?

Quantum Agency is a White Label SEO agency that digital marketing agencies can turn to for all their SEO needs. With over a decade of award-winning work, Quantum Agency has the expertise and talent to manage even the most complicated SEO cases with its field-tested and winning methods. Here’s the vast array of SEO and web development solutions Quantum Agency offers:

  1. A self-serve website builder with AWS hosting makes it easy for agencies to build a customized website even without any technical know-how. 
  2. Website security to protect against hacks and brute force attacks, as well as address default WordPress security holes.
  3. A proprietary software system to improve the E-A-T profile – Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness of websites/domains of clients.
  4. A proprietary Content and Press Release Marketing Engine enhances local SEO for websites through the media by creating direct connections to the local Google MyBusiness (GMB) listing that is directly integrated with the Google Maps API via a proprietary method of execution.
  5. Client reputation is managed by staying on top of what people say about the client’s company online and by improving the ranking on local search engine results pages by unifying online listings. 
  6. Readymade White label SEO packages are available in every possible budget that includes one-time services, monthly subscriptions, and SEO management.
  7. White Label marketing dashboard offers valuable insights to marketers at a glance.

For more information on White Label SEO services and white label website development, contact Quantum Agency at (833) 501-3535 or visit them online at https://quantumagency.io 

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