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Quantum Agency Explains How White Label Website Hosting Can Help Agencies
Friday, April 8th 2022, 2:00 PM

All About White Label Hosting and its Benefits

Raleigh, United States - April 8, 2022 / Quantum Agency /

The Benefits of Enterprise-Class White Label Hosting

Selling hosting services and taking care of all the technical requirements, like server management and maintenance, can be tedious and time-consuming, especially for WordPress sites. However, white-label hosting takes care of the tricky aspects of hosting. Quantum Agency, a white label marketing company, discusses the various advantages of white label hosting. 

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What is white label hosting?

White label hosting enables a company to resell another hosting company’s servers, bandwidth, and hosting services under its brand name and logo. 

The benefits of white label website hosting for agencies

  • Opportunities to scale: With reseller hosting, agencies can easily scale up their hosting resources according to their client’s needs and expansion. Agencies also become well-equipped to manage heavier sites that require more server resources, with ease. 
  • A broad range of services: Every client is looking for a one-stop solution. By adding hosting services to its repertoire of services, an agency can offer a 360-degree solution to a client. All of the client’s website needs can be met by one agency and save their time, money, and energy. This is fruitful as this allows agencies to charge their clients a premium for offering extra services over and above their core services. For instance, on top of designing or developing a website, agencies can also host the website.
  • Additional and steady source of income: By offering hosting plans on a monthly or annual fee basis, agencies can enroll clients in a plan and then start recurring payments. An initial investment by the agency will eventually get covered by choosing a quality program, attracting further clients, and creating an effective pricing strategy.
  • Long-lasting relationships with customers: Designing or developing websites is a one-time project. Adding white label hosting to it can lead to a long-term business relationship. As the relationship develops over time, clients often start referring new clients or requesting other web-related services from the agency. 
  • No large space requirements: Web hosting requires investing in and maintaining high specification servers. White Label hosting enables agencies to not only avoid this initial investment and recurring cost but also cancels out any large space requirements to store these servers at an office. White label web hosting can be managed from the comfort of a home or a small office.
  • Constant support from the hosting company: With the right white label hosting company, agencies can remain assured of a smooth and efficient hosting service. With the team at the hosting company available at all times to help fix problems on the server, address customer concerns and problems and offer insights and expertise, agencies can continue to focus on their core service and continue to grow. Great customer service from the white label hosting company is an important feature agency must look for. 

Generally, a partnership with a white label hosting company includes billing integration, private name servers, easy-to-use control panels, and domain and email integration. Quantum Agency is a white label SEO company that offers a vast range of services including website hosting and its proprietary SEO software that keeps agencies ahead of their competition.

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Why Quantum Agency?

Quantum Agency is a White Label SEO agency that digital marketing agencies can turn to for all their SEO needs including white label hosting. With over a decade of award-winning work, Quantum Agency has the expertise and talent to manage even the most complicated SEO cases with its field-tested and winning methods. 

With Quantum Agency, agencies can build a customized website even without any technical know-how by using a self-serve website builder with AWS hosting. The team offers website security to protect against hacks and brute force attacks, as well as address default WordPress security holes. Agencies can opt from several ready-made enterprise-level websites hosting packages in various budgets that may include managed WordPress hosting, website support, and recovery insurance with no balance billing. 

For more information on White Label Hosting, contact Quantum Agency at (833) 501-3535 or visit them online at quantumagency.io 

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