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Wednesday, November 9th 2022, 2:00 PM

Should Agencies Be Concerned About Reputation Marketing? Absolutely, Says Quantum Agency.

Raleigh, United States - November 9, 2022 / Quantum Agency /

Every day, clients and customers use a multitude of online platforms, from personal blogs and social platforms to review sites to talk about the brands, businesses, and organizations with which they engage. Reputation marketing is an emergent and highly valuable discipline every agency should adopt to help their brands' leverage that wealth of online chatter, explains Lane Houk, CEO of Quantum Agency, an agency devoted to the creation of dynamic and innovative software that helps propel marketing agencies of every size and in every vertical. 

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What is Reputation Marketing?

Many people confuse reputation marketing with reputation management. While reputation marketing does include managing a brand’s online reputation, reputation marketing combines many online marketing processes to enhance marketing efforts using online reviews. When implementing the right software, it allows marketing companies to leverage positive reviews and online chatter to increase brand equity, market to new leads, and close more sales. 

What Makes Reputation Marketing So Valuable?

Today, customers have more choices than ever before and more buying power. How those customers perceive the brand and communicate that perception to others online can have a massive impact. 90% of customers report that online reviews shape their buying decisions, and 94% say that negative reviews convinced them to avoid a brand or business. 

Online reviews and other user-generated content are key factors in developing long-term and trusted relationships with customers. Additionally, search engines like Google take reputation into account when ranking businesses on search results. This means that having the right tools to manage negative feedback while elevating positive reviews is absolutely critical for marketing success.

White Label Social Media Management Software for Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is not easy. Until very recently, it was a manual and laborious process that few agencies could afford to offer. Because of this, Quantum Agency developed a white label software that tracks and shows what customers are saying while additionally using online reputation to improve visibility in local searches. 

The white label social media management solution is an integrated reputation monitoring solution that allows agencies of all sizes to offer a highly valuable service under their own agency brand. 

white label social media management


What Does the Quantum Agency White Label Software Offer? 

Online conversations about businesses are increasing. When a company receives negative feedback without managing it in some way, the company's reputation and online rankings can take a hard hit. Conversely, not leveraging positive reviews could mean thousands, even tens of thousands, in lost revenue. 

No Business wants that.

The white label software provides marketing agencies with a solution that:

  • Provides a visibility score that shows the accuracy of the data in business listings across a multitude of directories, review sites, and social platforms. Even the slightest variances in the information damage rankings in search engine results. 
  • Finds mentions from blogs, social platforms, and news sites and provide a ranking from positive to negative so agencies or their customers can see at a glance what needs to be addressed and with what urgency.
  • Tracks competitor mentions, social activity, reviews, and deals, so the agency can uncover duplicatable success. 
  • Automatically retrieves reviews and rankings from top review sites.
  • Provides automatic email alerts for new mentions and weekly Executive Reports containing all of the aggregate data. 


Top White Label Social Media Management Software

No matter the size, digital marketing agencies can benefit from the support of white-label social media management software. Quantum Agency is a reliable and proven white-label digital marketing agency providing a team of experts dedicated to serving clients that range from 7 figure marketing agencies to small start-ups. 

For more information about Quantum Agency or any of its white-label digital solutions, visit the website at https://quantumagency.io/ or call (833) 501-3535

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